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Double thanks to the list ... 

Jim Nichols for his info on freights traversing Roanoke while pax were unloading. The south track you mentioned ... is that the farthest of the tracks southward from the Roanoke Station? I presume that track would have led either to Winston-Salem or to Lynchburg. Is that correct?

Also, the info on the J servicing hit the spot ... Jim quickly cleared that gray area for me. BTW ... Those drive thru coal towers both saved lots of train traveling time and is from where McDonald's got its idea for drive-thru chow ... refueling is refueling no matter how you cut it.

And thanks to Alex Schust for the info on the NRHS non-compete standard for the email list. I'll just pull my Honda over on the side of I-81 and promote my RR books under my "J-A-Y-Power-Forever Beach Awning. Daggone ... there should be a crowd in no time! I just hope the first of the Highway Patrol big-hatted troopers is a serious, no holds barred railfan, too.

In all seriousness ... I truly appreciate the great info I get on here ... Bob

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Question one: 
There were mainline tracks just
south of the Roanoke station, so a train on a station track did not tie up the
railroad. BTW: there were four station tracks, plus the mainline tracks.
Question two: 
Norfolk to Cincinnati trains changed engines at Roanoke. The interline Southern trains used a single engine from Lynchburg to Bristol. A J running from Roanoke to Cincinnati would get coal at Prichard.(probably water too) Ashes were dumped and certain fittings were lubricated during the station stop at Bluefield (in addition to taking water) I assume that similar servicing was done at Williamson and Portsmouth,?N&W was a pioneer in running passenger steam over more than one division.  That is one reason for the early use of big tenders.
Jim Nichols 


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