Experience moving a caboose?

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Also plan on a lowboy truck trailer. Expecting the crane to walk with the caboose hanging from its boom is not practical.
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>> The Rural Retreat Depot Foundation would like to relocate the local caboose to a new location on the west end of the depot, and we are looking for advice on how to do it. The attached photo shows where it is now, and it will move to the foreground of the photo. It has to move about 80 feet, across a flat paved surface. How much does it weigh? Is this best done by laying track or using a crane? Any referrals to companies that you know have done this? Can a caboose be disassembled to some degree to make the move easier? Thanks very much.
> Crane will be fastest.   The body will come off the trucks.  The body will need to be blocked up until the trucks are moved to the new track unless you have two cranes.  Perhaps a heavy duty forklift could handle the trucks.  Then the body can be lowered onto the trucks.
> Last time the WV Railroad Museum moved a car, I think the crane costs was around $130 per hour.  You might find a construction company willing to donate time or at least a portion of the time.
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