Experience moving a caboose?

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Tue Nov 17 08:37:54 EST 2015

The latest caboose move that I know of is here in Lynchburg at Liberty
University just this year. I'm sure it was a contractor. Liberty should be
able to give you the contractors information.
Good to see Cliff responding on the list! A fine caboose he has!
Charlie Long

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> The Rural Retreat Depot Foundation would like to relocate the local
> caboose to a new location on the west end of the depot, and we are looking
> for advice on how to do it. The attached photo shows where it is now, and
> it will move to the foreground of the photo. It has to move about 80 feet,
> across a flat paved surface. How much does it weigh? Is this best done by
> laying track or using a crane? Any referrals to companies that you know
> have done this? Can a caboose be disassembled to some degree to make the
> move easier? Thanks very much.
> Frank Akers
> Rural Retreat Depot Foundation
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