Experience moving a caboose?

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I was thinking lay down some extra track, prepare the final resting 
spot, and just roll the car there, perhaps power chain yank it or maybe 
a wrecker truck....then remove the other track.


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> Mr. Akers,
> The Caboose weighs approx. 50,000 lbs.  you will need an 80ton crane to
> lift the caboose off the trucks, the trucks weigh approx. 8,000 lbs
> each, now for the good part
> you will need to prepare a track section to sit the caboose on in the
> new location, then it is simply a task to relocate the trucks and sit
> the caboose on the trucks. Of course
> you will need to chock the trucks so it doesn't roll away.
> This is a quick overview but should get you in the neighbor hood of what
> it takes, the cost will depend on the crane service and what is required
> for the track.
> hope this helps
> Cliff Orange,
> Christiansburg, VA

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