K locomotives on the N&W main line

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Wasn’t there a period when the 120 was widely know for being the power for the Cannonball (which I rode once in the ‘50s)?

Engines assigned to the Cannonball operated Petersburg - Richmond on ACL
and RF&P.  ACL had in place a GRS automatic train stop system, but I'm not
sure what was in service on the RF&P from the James River viaduct to Broad
Street Station.  Consequently, the engines assigned for Cannonball service
were equipped with a system not in service anywhere on the N&W. The Ks
assigned were  nos. 121-122-123.  Saw one of these engine double-heading
with a Class A at Montvale.  Probably coming to Roanoke for ICC test, or 
maybe a modification.

It wasn't unusual for engine terminals to keep a "just-in-case" K under steam
to protect passenger service.  On Nov. 26, 1955, the 111 was at Crewe for
stand-by duty.

                                            Harry Bundy

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