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As per an internal Motive Power Department document dated May 15, 1947, the modernized K2 and K2a locomotives were assigned as follows:

One was assigned for 21 and 22, between Richmond and Norfolk

Three were utilized for 29 and 30, and 23 and 24 between Roanoke and Norfolk

Three on 23 and 24, between Roanoke and CIncinnati*

Three were utilized for 14 and 1, 2 and 13 between Hagerstown and Roanoke

One was assigned for 9 and 10 between Roanoke and Bristol

Two were utilized for 9 and 12, and 11 and 10 between Bluefield and WIlliamson

One was assigned for 20 and 19 between Portsmouth and Williamson

One was assigned for 33 and 36, and 35 and 34, Portsmouth and Columbus

One was at Portsmouth for protection power

Two were at Shaffers Crossing for protection power

Three were at Shaffers Crossing for shopping (classified repair and monthly tests)

*The three on 23 and 24 also provided protection or alternate power at Cincinnati.

Naturally, all this did not mean that a specific locomotive was assigned anywhere. As Harry pointed out, three locomotives equipped with ATS for use on the ACL into Richmond and others were equipped with cab signals for the Shenandoah Division.

As others also noted, once the last three Js were completed, they bumped the K2s off 23 and 24. I believe were assigned to 11-12 between Roanoke and Winston Salem.

And of course, the K1s could fill in as standby power in case of an emergency.

Ken Miller

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