Photos of 1218 at Union Carbide

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I think I did an article on the 1218 and its move years ago in the Winston-Salem NRHS Chapter newsletter, The Rail,    I’ll have to go back to my archives to see if I can identify the source of the photo.  You’ll need to give me several days to dig it out.

Have a good day and weekend.

George Weber
W-S NRHS Newsletter Editor

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Does anyone know the source of this low res photo of 1218 at Union Carbide
(1218 on right, 1202 on left, 1230 in background) that I located on the net?
Does anyone have, or know of, any other photos of these locos while they
were at Union Carbide? In the photo it appears that two men are working on
the 1218 maybe in preparation for its move to Steamtown.

Thanks much!   John Garner  Newport VA

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