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Sat Dec 12 17:14:39 EST 2015

This morning I had the great pleasure of meeting with fellow N&WHS member
Dave Moorehead at the Railway Museum of Greater Cincinnati, where he is
hard at work restoring N&W caboose class CF #518216.  Dave has made some
great progress, but is in need of some help/information to help him move to
"the next level" on the restoration.  According to Dave, he hasn't been
able to find a source for "full-size" tongue and groove siding or for
correctly-sized lumber for reproducing the end doors.  A little Googling
educated me to the fact that standard sizes for dimensional lumber have
changed (shrunk) every couple decades since 1900.  Since this caboose was
constructed in 1917, the boards used to build it were considerably bigger
than what you get at the big-box lumber yards today.  Does anybody out
there have experience with such restorations projects and/or know where to
obtain "over-sized" dimensional boards?  I believe some of you also belong
to/work with the Roanoke Chapter of the NRHS.  Can someone give me a good
contact for that organization who is involved with their restoration work?
Also, does anyone know of any sources for CF parts, perhaps from one that
has been deemed irreparable?  Any and all help/information will be greatly
Jim Cochran
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