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Sun Dec 13 17:35:56 EST 2015

Matt Crouch answered Jin Cochran:
> That's downtown Kenova. I used to park my old Dodge Charger under that bridge
> when I took photos back in the 80's.
> > http://nwhs.org/mailinglist/2015/20151213.overpass.jpg

Agreed. That is Maple St. under the bridge, and it is meeting 6th St. in the
bottom foreground. Train is one the Big Sandy mainline, and the photographer
was standing on the N&W embankment for the original main line. They connect
out of view to the right. The foreground track went up toward an industry
by the C&O tracks, but I'm not certain if it was just an indsutry spur or
an old connection to the C&O. The rails are still there under the pavement
today, but hte rest of that track has been removed.

Joe Shaw

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