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"being 2013" (?) I thought 611 didn't go to Spencer until 2014. And if this was a fundraising effort, why is the whistle just showing up now? I notice it didn't get any bids.
Jim Nichols 

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  Has anyone ever heard of such a thing?  Read below for the listing description. In 2013 when Norfork and Western class J 611 was being rebuilt Mr. Preston Claytor sent the original whistle off of 611 to the Whistle Shop in Waterford Michigan to be duplicated for sale in an effort to create money for the restoration of N &W 611. This is the first whistle that was duplicated exactly off of the original whistle on 611. This whistle was tested on Pere Marquette number 1225 at 250 pounds PSI. It sounded great at 250 psi but 611 runs at 300 psi so it should even sound louder. This whistle has not been blown since it came off of 1225.It is approximately 6 1/2 inches in diameter 25 1/2 inches high with a 2 inch inlet and a hand valve. Weighs approximately 65 pounds. A Christmas gift that would make any railroad N&W man happy forever! Jeff Hawkins
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