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The coal fields are quickly changing.  Yes, Pikeville is off line.  However by having the convention in Pikeville you will be kind of centralized to different territories on the former N&W.  You are 30 minutes from Williamson, 45 minutes from Norton and the CV, 35 minutes from Weller Yard and Buchanan Branch, 1:30 from Richlands and Kenova.  There has been great improvements in the highway system. All roads from Pikeville are easy four lane drives now except the road to Weller and it is not that bad of a two lane road.  Being centrally located, hopefully you can have a chance to explore the N&W coalfields of your choice before they are gone (ie..PD District between Elmore and Princeton). 
-Jeff Hensley.
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There will be a significant number of photos of current operations on the Buchanan Branch in the upcoming TAF including some of SunCoke.

For the record - Weller yard is 45 minutes from Pikeville - Vansant, VA where Sun Coke and Dismal Yard are located is 1 hour from Pikeville - Williamson and the Pocahontas mainline are 35 minutes from Pikeville????. 

Ed Painter Narrows,VA living in North Georgia

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> Mason
> By any chance do you have photos you could post for us guys who can't make that drive!
> Thanks
> Ray Russell Sr.
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> The Buchanan branch is well worth a visit. The first time I saw the Coke plant I couldn?t believe it?s size. But, Grundy is a hard hour?s drive over mountain roads from Pikeville. To me, and not only to me, Pikeville is an off-line location.
> Mason Cooper
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