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I ha friend here in Buford, GA who had a pair of Central of Georgia cabooses moved from Central Georgia to Buford. On both account he had a crane lift them into position onto a low boy trailer and hauled here. Trucks were shipped on a conventional flatbed trailer.

You can contact me off-line and I can hook you up with him.


Russ Goodwin

Buford, GA

rmgnw611 at msn.com

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Many people suggest cranes but instead try a house mover. We actually moved a caboose by winching it onto a low boy.

I know there are lots of people with a caboose out there but I think this kind of stuff makes for good reading. The Arrow or maybe even Trans magazine might be interested in a write up of the process.

Good luck.

Brian Dembinski
Amherst, Ohio

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I have purchased a NW caboose that is sitting in Georgia.   I need to have it moved from it's current position to my farm, a distance of about < 15 miles.

Do you know of anyone that can perform this task for me?   If so, please let me know their contact information.

Once the caboose is moved, I will be restoring it.   If you can give me any information regarding restoration, I would appreciate it.

Mike Bone
mikebone9 at gmail.com<mailto:mikebone9 at gmail.com>

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