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Mr. King:

The N&W's bigger engines were fitted with an 8.25" dia Ashcroft duplex
gauge which was mounted about eye-level to the Engineman, to the right of
the air gauges, and just to the left of his line of forward vision. These
gauges had a red hand and a black hand, which somehow gave information
about the status of the steam distribution system.

I have attached three photographs. One is a front view of the gauge. The
other two photographs show the two 5/8" dia buttons which were sweated onto
the bottom of the case at the point where the piping threads in. These
buttons were lettered "Steam Chest" and "Receiver Pipe" with lettering dies.

I can understand how Steam Chest pressure would be meaningful to the
Engineman, but I do not understand how Receiver Pipe pressure would be
useful information to him.

Do you remember what the N&W called these duplex gauges as applied to the
bigger engines, and can you give a description of their operation?

You can see, in the photographs, where I have the red and black hands
staked. Can you suggest any more realistic hand settings for this gauge,
which is now only on "static display" ?


-- abram burnett


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