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> railroads
> turned to road-side scanners that produced a print-out of the
> train.  Known as ACI (Automatic Car Identification),equipment
> (including cabooses) were fitted with ACI labels.  You've
> probably seen them -- colored ribbons arranged horizontally on
> a black backing pasted on the side of the car.  From memory,
> the ACI label had fourteen stripes (+ or -)  enough to identify
> an ATSF car with six digits.

Quite a few years ago, I found in the weeds off a right of way one of the
black ACI plates that had finally given up and detached itself from a
passing car. Based on the barcode (starting on the left), the N&W was the
car owner (stripes 2-5) of car no. 12905 (stripes 6-11). Stripe 1 is the
"Start" and stripe 12 is "Stop" with the last stripe (8) is the check digit.
This has been hanging in my basement, but I am willing to part with it for
the archives.

Bruce in Blacksburg

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