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 Most of the railroad representatives on the committee were communication and signal department specialists, but I was appointed to the committee from the N&W Motive Power Department.
At the same time AAR was making appointments, there were some changes made
in the Transportation Department -- Louis Newton became AVP-Transportation.
R. B. Claytor didn't fill his position from "in house" personnel, but instead appointed
the head of a firm in Chicago. He had begun his career on the L&N and was later pro-
moted to head of operations at Illinois Central.
As the deficiencies of ACI became apparent, there was a team formed that
consisted of a computer genius now on N&WHS's Bored of Directors, one of
Mr. Dunlap's favorite sons that later became V.P. Operations for SP and
several others.  As No. 77 (for example) stopped to swap crews, the team
would get a hard copy of the ACI read out after it passed the Park Avenue scanner.
While one drove to the head end of the train, the other two started at the rear, identified
the "no reads" and if necessary, cleaned the ACI labels with a sponge and a bucket
of suds.  Then after the train left Shaffers Crossing, a read out was retrieved from the
scanner near the V A hospital to see if any additional labels had read.
Bruce in Blacksburg --guess I was so involved in making the labels read that I failed to
note that the ACI print out didn't indicate type of equipment.  So a portion of the
Planning Department turned into a janitorial service.  And oh yes -- our new boss
had previously headed up ACI and was a majority stock holder.  Harry Bundy

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