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The only dutch doors on N&W were on Pullmans. (heavyweights and the three "County" cars which were of PRR design. N&W obviously had no interest in dutch doors.
Jim Nichols 

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 My thoughts on these scenes:

(1) I also believe this is near Pearisburg, at what is called the  
Palisades. A friend of mine once saw this shot and said it was Indian  
Rock, which I believe to be the same spot.
      At any rate we know its somewhere east of Glen Lyn.

(2) This spot is just east of Glen Lyn and someone backchanneled me  
with the name(cannot remember off hand).

(3) Obviously going under the Virginian at Glen Lyn. Never a doubt

As to the train number I also believe it is 15 or 26.  Before I posted  
this I thought it was 15 for sure.  After seeing the passenger car to  
the left I am not so sure.  One thing I looked at
was the way my dad was shooting the 8mm camera off the rear during the  
switching move.  I had always assumed he was shooting off the end of  
the train in a vestibule with a clear view(no window)
at the 202 and he is very close to it.  If he were on the P.Arrow(25)  
he would be shooting from the rear obs car through glass.  There is  
one part of this sequence where he shows a Y class to the left and in  
that you see a bit of reflection which one tends to believe might be  
glass on the obs car.  I also noted in the curving sequences prior to  
Bluefield dad was not very far back, so it could have been a short  
train like 25.  He has other clips which show both 15 and 25.  These  
are the only two trains he would have ridden to Batavia, or  
Cincinnati.  Now there is also a different set of clips showing very  
cold weather and snow at Bluefield.  That segment is 25 for sure cause  
we see the outside of the train and the crew trying to thaw something  
on engine 600.  There is a note for Jan 1955, but I am not sure if its  
the clip I posted or the one later with 25 for sure.
There are also later scenes riding 15 cause of all the head-end and he  
is way back shooting out the dutch door, and rear.  There are also  
scenes riding 25 where you can see there is no head-end.
    One thing on the clips I posted is that I lean toward the Arrow  
cause he is shooting everything through the window, and they are big  
windows.  Were the streamlined cars windows much different than the  
older ones used on 15/16? Also did the Arrow Cars have dutch doors, or  
just one-piece?  Happy Easter. Greg
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