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I believe the turntable was gone by the 1980’s. While I was researching/working on the Pocahontas Division book I found numerous requests to lengthen the turntable at Norton. These were turned down, and if I remember correctly, management negotiated a deal with the Interstate Railroad to turn engines on their wye for 25 cents per engine. With this agreement in place there would be no need to retain the turntable, must less to the year 1980.  

Mason Cooper


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I don't know but you might want to get the two books on the Clinch Valley line that should provide all the information you will need.


Jim Brewer

Glenwood MD



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I am modeling southwestern Virginia in the early 1980s.  Can someone tell me whether the turntable in Norton was in use then?  I will model the Andover turntable regardless of its actual status, but am curious about its status in the early 1980s also.  Thank you.


Bob Bayles


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