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I am in the midst of building a new basement, err, house, that will host an HO scale layout of the Clinch Valley and Clinch Valley Extensions of modern NS between St. Paul, Norton and Appalachia, VA. As you come down the basement stairs I want to finish the stairwell and the landing area like the interior of the N&W Union Passenger Terminal / Station in Norton, colors, flooring trim and all.

I have found the appropriate interior paint document on the NWHS Archives site to order.

My question is does anyone know which drawing do I need to order that shows the standard interior trim information that would be appropriate? I am looking to see what the floors were made of, any wainscoting, chair rails, door and window trim, base boards and crown molding that N&W actually used. I have found some of the plans on-line, but they are exterior plans and other documents that might have the correct info, but there is no document preview available.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated in this endeavor.


Russ Goodwin

Buford, GA, soon to be Oakwood, GA

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I don't know but you might want to get the two books on the Clinch Valley line that should provide all the information you will need.

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD

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I am modeling southwestern Virginia in the early 1980s.  Can someone tell me whether the turntable in Norton was in use then?  I will model the Andover turntable regardless of its actual status, but am curious about its status in the early 1980s also.  Thank you.

Bob Bayles

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