Riding the N&W Steam Clip #2

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My guess is that the EB is 15 and the WB is 16.  Way too many head end  
cars for 25/26 at any time.  Can't comment on the interior shots with the  
crooked blinds.
Station stop has to be Glyn Lyn because of the curve.
I think it's a J off to the side, I don't see any feedwater heater cover  
that would mark it as a K2. 
Dave Phelps 
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Here is  the second installment of mostly riding footage my dad shot from 
All comments are welcome.  If you want to do so on the list thats  fine, or 
privately you can
send to my email
_gregscholl at zoomtown.com_ (mailto:gregscholl at zoomtown.com) 

Here is the unlisted link on youtube. Enjoy!


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