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Sun Apr 3 09:26:10 EDT 2016

  American Bridge Company sold it's Turntables in units of ten, my  
model is 14 feet long which makes it 105 feet for the real thing.

The Lambert's Point, American Bridge Company, Turntable is 100 feet  
long, my model should have been 160 inches long, but that extra 8  
inches does not seem to change the appearance.

14 feet was used because it was the length of some of the materials I  
had available, and I did not want to waste it.

Information on Railroad Turntables is scarce, I visited several  
libraries in my research, even the NMRA, they had little on the  
construction of them.

American Bridge Co. has only information on their bridges and  
buildings of today on their web site, turntable technology has been  
gone for a long time from the company.

It's been +103 years since they fabricated and erected the Lambert's  
Point Turntable.



Very nice, enjoyed the video.
How long is the turntable?
My 1.6in scale 4-8-2 requires a 13 foot bridge.
My only N&W motive power is a 1 in scale live steam Class A 2-6-6-4 that
is 10 feet plus and inch or two.

Jim Stapleton

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