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Sat Apr 2 14:23:22 EDT 2016

Does anyone know how far east the the Virginian line was electrified?  I'm
doing some research for a painting and want to show a scene showing a
Virginian EL-2B at the base of Mill Mountain in Roanoke along with the
station there.  But I need to know if such a scene really would have
existed in the 1950's.  Did the Virginian yard there have overhead wires?
I know at some point they were removed.

The painting is going to be my submission this year for the American
Society of Railway Artists, and I have to have it believable so it won't
get too much criticism!

BTW, I've enjoyed viewing the clips from "Riding the N & W". I'm anxious to
purchase a copy.

Tracy Foutz
Cairo, GA (formerly of Roanoke and will be back again)
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