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> /Secondly, I am always amazed at the new and original sites 
> railfans often create for themselves when posting up for shots on the 
> Southern Loops between old Fort and the top of Blue Ridge Mountain. 
> The train's slow drag to the top of the mountain (and later just as 
> slow back down) easily showed off hundreds of railfans all over the 
> place. While many shooters aggressively leapfroged each other for 
> multiple shots up and down the mountain, many photographers 
> and videographers found incredible spots to get that ONE shot for 
> either the up or down leg. Three cheers for these guys … I can't wait 
> to see the finished products./
     Here are my videos from Sunday. I had a lot of camera problems, 
having to use a 25 year old camcorder for the first one, so, quality is 
not up to today's standards. However, I do have something rather than 

Approaching Andrew's Geyser:  https://youtu.be/M_K4oGw5s7o

Turn around 180 degrees and you get this: https://youtu.be/_QFrTbQRvCA

Jimmy Lisle
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