2013 Steam in Asheville

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Tue Apr 12 15:34:26 EDT 2016

The recent posts on the 611 last weekend reminded me of our trip down  
there in 2013.
In this preview we see Andrew's Geyser, which is between where Jimmy  
Lisle shot the first part
and before the second shot he got.  Then there is a scene in the  
preview showing below where Jimmy
Shot.  That trip 630 made 2 roundtrips a day from Asheville-Old Fort  
and back, so you got several cracks
at the loops which was nice.  Somehow the black NS diesels with 630  
look for better than those green things
behind the 611.  Cool area, but everything looked out of place with  
611.  Thought you guys might like to see this
preview from 2013.

PS I got almost no response to my video clips along the N&W in the  
50's.  Does nobody know where they are or
am I just being ignored? :)

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