DC based trips onto the N&W Shenandoah Division 1954 and 1956

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Jim, Ken and others interested:

As for trips out of the DC area ............ there was one trip in
conjunction with the NRHS convention based out of DC in late August/early
September 1954 and yes, it was written up in the employee magazine. That
said I believe it came via the Manassas line of Southern Railway to
Riverton Junction and am unsure how much further south it went, maybe as
far as Shenandoah, but am unsure of that part, but it did go at least as
far as Riverton. The Riverton Jct. station and previous Front Royal station
had only recently been combined into one station, a totally new one which
still exists and is used as the crew base today. The turbine to which Jim
has inquired had no doubt just arrived. Louis Newton was heavily involved
with it and might be able to shed some light on the subject if asked. He
may even have given some good details about its arrival, dates, etc., in
one of his books, Rails Remembered printed in four volumes. They are great
primary sources for first person reminiscences from someone involved at the
management level.

Two years later, another trip out of the DC area was chartered, this time
it was just the DC Chapter of the NRHS and they went from Union Station to
Shenandoah Jct. on the B&O lines via diesels, where the cars were
interchanged with two N&W 4-8-2 Mountains, one streamlined, one not. This
one is covered in one of the Herron Pocahontas Glory volumes in wonderful
color. Less than 5 months later, the Shenandoah Division was dieselized.
This trip definitely went only as far as Shenandoah.

The 1957 NRHS convention is also covered in the Herron Pocahontas Glory
series and is also well documented in the employee magazine. It is quite
possible the N&W cleaned up the 2300 just for the know fans coming for the

Lewis Newton in one of his writings, described the last run of the Jawn
Henry in late 1957 when it had a major mechanical malfunction and was too
expensive to repair, not to mention that management was no longer committed
to steam.

>From what I have read, the N&W was usually very accommodating to visitors
and fans and perhaps another source might be the local newspapers as they
could have given some coverage to a special event of some sort, if that is
what it was. I have learned over much research that while memories of
well-meaning people must never be discounted, oftentimes dates get a little
fuzzy as we get older and this particular date could and I repeat COULD be
the case. It may also not be, but follow-up also must be done to ensure
accurate attribution and from this group, that is certainly understood and

Bob Cohen

 I have a recollection of an excursion from DC area to Roanoke in maybe
September 1954, I think it was written up in the N&W Magazine, I'll try and
check tonight.

Ken Miller

On Apr 16, 2016, at 7:07 AM, NW Mailing List wrote:

> Probably a wild shot but is anyone aware of a visit by railfans to
Shafer's Crossing in the spring or summer of 1954?
> I have footage of Jawn Henry taken in that time frame and it appears to
be very clean, perhaps almost new with fans taking photos and even going
aboard it.
> The last Y6b, 2200, is also in some scenes with fans climbing on it and
sitting in the cab. The film's owner says it was 1954 but he doesn't recall
the reason for the trip.
> It had to be some kind of organized event as his dad took him there from
their home in Chicago.
> Any help appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Jim Herron
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