Need Photo location info for 611's Pelican afternoon run May 8th?

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I need some info! I am riding the morning 611 train on the 8th. I would  
like to find a couple of great photo locations for the afternoon run! I would  
like to catch it a couple of time going and coming!  This is the trip plan  
for the train. Unfortunately I do not know the area very well at all so I 
do not  know where any of this is I tried looking at mapquest and Google 
Earth  but  without knowing what I am looking for it was a bust!
Thanks for any help!
Ray Russell Sr.
Ride  from Roanoke to Walton on this 84-mile afternoon roundtrip. We leave 
westbound,  and on the left immediately see the _Virginia Museum of  
Transportation_ ( —Virginia’s official transportation museum. 
Pass through the  58-track Roanoke yard of Norfolk Southern, and, on the 
left, reach the large  engine terminal known as Shaffer’s Crossing. We then 
pass the Norfolk Southern  material yard on the left, and Steel Dynamics on the 
right—America’s finest  continuous pour steel mill ever built. We go 
through the City of Salem  paralleling the former Virginian Railway which was 
built to carry the coal from  West Virginia. After passing Elliston, Virginia 
and going under the Virginian  Railway bridge, begin your ascent of the famed 
Christiansburg grade. Pass  through Shawsville on our curving line to the 
crest at Cambria (now known as  Christiansburg). As we climb the Appalachian 
Mountains to an elevation of 2,050  feet, take in the picturesque view along 
the South Fork of the Roanoke  River. 
Our  journey will also take us through the twin-bore Montgomery Tunnel 
which has a  raised roof to allow double-stack container trains to pass through. 
After  reaching the summit of the Appalachians at Christiansburg, our route 
will follow  Crab Creek down to the New River. See remnants of the original 
grade constructed  by the Virginia & Tennessee Railroad prior to the Civil 
War. You will see  the New River while the train backs through the junction 
at Walton for the  return trip.
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