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> I can't find the documentation.  It wasn't in Prince's N&W book, but
> there was a public timetable for the Virginia Anthracite Coal & RR
> that showed a station several miles south of Christiansburg --
> maybe it was Rogers.  The road crossing on Roanoke Street in
> the east part of Christiansburg may have been part of the southern
> extension.

That is/was the N&W Kingston Branch, little of which is known other than it
existed. There is a profile in the archives ( but not much more info.
I've searched the Annual Report CD and have had no luck in finding any info
about it. The VAC&Ry used part of the branch to get from the station to its
own line across Crab Creek. From my notes, the "VAC&Ry rented portion of
right of way on Kingston Branch at an annual rental of $350.00 from April
30, 1903 to April 30, 1906." The distance was 1.05 miles. The Kingston
Branch continued up Crab Creek, crossed where I-81 runs today and headed
toward S. Franklin St. It ended in the hills west of S. Franklin,
apparently at some type of mine. There is an "anomaly" in the Montgomery
County GIS map that gives a hint of where the branch ran (along with the
"Kingston Branch Rd" in the vicinity of its terminus.

I'm still digging on this one.

Bruce in Blacksburg

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