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The old Blue Ridge grade is one place where the old N&W CPLs      still stand. CPLs still stand at Bonsack and Webster for one.  I'm      sure there are more.
Ron Davis
    Re. the CPLs at the Webster crossovers -- one is a bracket signal and one is a cantilever signal.
In August, 1983, Rule 280 (b) was revised to read "Block and interlocking signals are GENERALLY
located to the right of or directly over, the track they govern. "  With that modification  in mind, on the
Winston District (for one), NS has mounted signals for both directions on one mast.  The crossovers
installed between Poe and Bridge 7 to prepare for Amtrak service are governed by signals beside
the track, not overhead.  Ladders on the bracket signals have deteriorated and as a safety precaution,
signalmen use a ladder truck to perform repairs.  The CPLs at Webster may be in their final days
and you may want to give them preference.                         Harry Bundy

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