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Seems that you can guarantee a seat to some, and that the precedence should be based on the date the order for the tour was received. To drive several hours for an uncertain event is unacceptabe.  

Clinton Smoke

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To All,

If you are attending the NWHS Convention in Pikeville, KY (May 19-21)and
signed up for the Coke Plant tour on Friday WOULD YOU PLEASE consider
switching to a Thursday evening tour.  Due to the large number of those
signed up for the Friday tour the Coke Plant has graciously agreed to a
Thursday tour.  The Coke Plant can only handle 25 MAYBE 30 people at a
time and their were more than 50 signed up.  If we cannot cut that
number down (hopefully by half) that means some society members will not
get to attend a Coke Plant Tour.
The bus will leave the Hilton Garden Inn at 3:30pm.

If you are worried there will not be anything to do on Friday night
there will be additionally clinics added, you can rail fan on your own,
the city of Pikeville is hosting a Muscle on Main car show with drag
racing (weather permitting) or your could check out some of the local
sights and historical locations.  The Friday time slot will be filled.

So I am asking those that can (locals, retired, etc.....) Please,
seriously, if at all possible to go on the Thursday tour.  It may mean
changing your arrival plans in Pikeville to earlier in the day but it
will be worth it and also mean that all can go on the tour and no one
gets left out.

I am asking, not only so all can attend, but also to honor the request
of the Coke Plant on tour sizes. With large companies becoming less
visitor friendly and willing to open their doors I feel we owe it (not
only to our members) but to the Coke Plant for being willing to work us
for these tours.

Please let me know if you are willing to go on Thursday so we can begin
to compile a list and check the number going.

Thanks for your consideration.

-Jeff Hensley.
Convention Host
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