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The “NO” indicated no other stamping on either plate, not as the abbreviation for “Number”.  I also had the plate off S1 276, and it also had no other markings.  I do not now have any number plates.


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I want to determine if round number plates of N&W steam engines had any small numbers or letters inscribed in the metal on the front and/or rear of the plates. If anyone on the list has access to an original round number plate would you please inspect it to determine if you can detect any markings. Let me know if no numbers were found, or if numbers are found what are the markings, and are they on the front, the back, or both? Also what number plate was inspected for each determination?
Thanks, Dave Gooding.

Ed King Responded:
No. 235 and 1207.

Ed, I do not understand your response.  I assume you mean you have number plates from locos 235 and 1207.  But you did not indicate if you have noticed small, perhaps 1/2 inch high numbers inscribed, not embossed, on the front and/or back of the plates.  Please elaborate.

Any others out there with number plates please respond.  If you have rectangular plates with beveled edges and no embossed border please also respond.

It is very possible that if there is thick paint or soot fouling on the fronts or backs the numbers may not be detectable as they would not be deep.

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