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David W. Flickwir, 1852-1935, was a prominent citizen of Roanoke. He arrived in town with the Shenandoah Valley RR (in the capacity of Construction Engineer,) held various high level positions on the Norfolk & Western, and was Chairman of the Executive Committee of the N&W Board of Directors at the time of his death. In 1896, he organized a general contracting company which engaged in major, heavy railroad construction projects around the country. 

Steamtown has just released five more scans of 8x10 inch negatives from the Lackawanna negative collection, showing Flickwir's construction equipment at work on building the Lackawanna's New Jersey Cut Off in 1909. These scans are of sufficient quality that they can be pushed a bit in Photoshop to open up the shadow areas and tame down the highlights. 


Steamtown makes its daily distribution of scans on the Erie Lackawanna Mailing List, which one may subscribe to at this link: 

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