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Thu May 26 12:41:29 EDT 2016

Hey Folks,

I am doing a little research before I begin assembling a Bethlehem Car
Works kit of an N&W BEk class Baggage & Express car, road numbers 126-130.
I am not sure how practical it might be; but, I am considering modeling the

I have a copy of an old drawing of the side elevation and interior of the
cars that shows a toilet enclosure, electrical cabinet, clothes locker,
water cooler, etc ... all bundled together on one side between the two
large doors. This was drawn in 1952 and last revised in 1966.

In fact I have two drawings of the car.  This second one was drawn in 1930
and last revised in 1948. It just shows a toilet and wash stand.

In the the N&WHS Archives I have found a picture (NW01923) of the interior
of a BEk (car #129) and it doesn't show any of those enhancements (toilet,
water cooler, etc). It shows a straight open floor. There is a small
cabinet of some sort hanging on one side wall between the doors, but,
nothing else.

Can anyone explain the discrepancy? Were the toilet and such removed at
some time? Were they somehow temporarily removable? Just curious.


Kevin Byrd
Chesterfield, VA
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