N&W Train Dispatching in 1909 - Telegraph or Telephone?

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The June 16, 1909, number of Telegraph Age magazine (vol. 26, page 424) carries an interesting article titled "Statistical Information Regarding the Use of the Telephone." The article gives a tablation of mileages dispatched by Morse Telegraph vs. telephone on the various major railroads. (I suspect several months were required to get responses from the railroads and assemble the statistical table.) 

For the N&W, total route mileage is listed as 1930 miles. Miles train dispatched by Telegraph: 1930. Miles dispatched by telephone: 0. To the query, "Is an expansion of the telephone system contemplated?" the N&W responded "Yes." C.W. Walstrum was listed as N&W's Superintendent of Telegraph. 

For the VGN, total mileage is listed as 442 miles, dispatched exclusively by Morse Telegraph. The VGN answered "Yes" to the question about "expansion of the telephone system." Superintendent of Telegraph on the VGN was listed as Geo. Reith. 

I wonder if Walstrum and Reith ever talked...? 

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