N&W Pocahontas observation?

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If by observation, do you mean the dome cars?  Three Wabash Budd built dome 
coaches were transferred to the east end of N&W after the 1964 merger.  They 
were first used on the Powhatan Arrow, and were moved to the Pocahontas 
after the Arrow was discontinued in 1969.  The Pocahontas never had 
traditional observation tail cars.  The only cars remotely close were 
Pullman heavyweight 10 section lounge cars, some of which had end windows. 
They usually ran mid-train next to the diner, but were gone from the 
Pocahontas by 1954.

The 2016-1 issue of "Passenger Train Journal" has an 11 page feature article 
on the Pocahontas which includes photos of the train in the red and blue 
era.  There are photos of each of the car types in the blue scheme.  The 
article is very good, and I could only find one steam era photo which is 
wrongly dated.

--Rick Morrison

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> What observation did the N&W use on the blue Pocahontas passenger train?
> Stephen Rineair
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