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I don't truly know the circumstances of the move, but it is a streamline K2 as second locomotive. It was well recorded, as I've got two (I think) John Krause photos of the same move at Montvale or slightly east of Montvale. I suspect that the K2 was being moved west for Roanoke Shops as it is obviously still under steam. Sadly, Krause never bothered to put dates on any of his negatives, so an actual date is difficult without notes.

I was not sure of the exact location, but I'd agree with Ray and Aubrey, it fits the location, but it seems to be a pretty infrequently photographed location.

Ken Miller

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> Jeff,
> This picture was taken about 1 ½ miles west of Kinney Yard in Lynchburg. Toward the right is Timberlake Road.  The underpass in the center is a private road and creek  and is likely still here.  Given the J in freight service this picture has likely taken in late 1958 or very early `59.
>      Ray Smoot
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> Can anyone help identify the location of this scene?  Looking at the full size scan it appears to be an empty hopper train.  I have exhausted all efforts to try and figure out where it is and hope someone on here can help solve the mystery. 
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