Wreck at Jug Neck curve

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Engine 72 was involved in a number of wrecks. There is little 
information on wrecks before 1900.  I did find that Engine 72 was in 
Roanoke shops on Dec. 16, 1897 for wreck repairs.  There was no further 
information in the file.

Jim Blackstock

On 7/29/2016 10:02 PM, NW Mailing List wrote:
> I am looking for the date of a wreck that my great-grandfather 
> included in his autobiography. The following is a quote from same.
> "On another occasion I was riding in the left side of the cab of 
> passenger engine No. 72 with Charlie Akers, engineer, and Dick Moran, 
> fireman. Going up to Bluefield from New River as we were rounding Jug 
> Neck curve, I saw ahead a rock slide across the track. I gave a yell 
> and threw myself out of the cab window, falling down the embankment of 
> loose stones to the creek. No bones broken. I heard a roar and crash. 
> After clambering up the side of the bank, I found the engine lying on 
> its side with the steam and water squirting out of the broken 
> check-valve and safety-valve. When we got Akers and Moran out of the 
> wreck and scalding steam they were both badly burned. We got some 
> black car oil out of the baggage car hot-box bucket and smeared them 
> both over with oil to keep the air off the burns until they could be 
> properly treated."
> Does anyone recognize that wreck? Unfortunately I can only narrow it 
> down to 1882-1900, the years he worked for the Shenandoah Valley 
> Railroad and the N & W. I would be very grateful for any assistance. I 
> actually have three or four more wrecks I am trying to date but 
> thought I would start with one. Of course, I already have the date for 
> the wreck at Thaxton.
> Thanks,
> Peter Getz
> prrgetz at hotmail.com
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