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Mine shifters probably worked out of Vivian Yard up until 1912 or 1913.
After that they worked out of Eckman Yard. See attached which is probably
from about 1950.

Coke production varied by mine, probably in the 20% to 30 % range in 1910,
less than 10% in 1914for large coal producers. See attached for 1910 coal
production which was measured from July 1 1909 through June 30 1910.

2% at Algoma in 1914

40% at Arlington in 1914

7% at Ashland

27% at Elkridge in 1914

28% at Gilliam in 1914

9% at Greenbrier in 1914

10% at Indian Ridge in 1914

9% at McDowell

8% at Roanoke in 1914

Ashland (230,255 tons of coal shipped, Algoma (187,018 tons of coal
shipped), McDowell (216,400 tons of coal shipped) in 1914

Arlington (66,150 tons of coal shipped), Elk Ridge (88,476 tons of coal
shipped), Gilliam (80,521 Tons of coal shipped) in 1914

Probably predominately hoppers after about 1905 or sooner

Alex Schust

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I've been re reading the branch line book on NorthFork branch and I have
some operational questions.

>From what yard were the mine shifters home based?  I'm mostly interested in
operations during the teens and 20s.

Also, prior to the loaders becoming cleaning plants (in other words when
they were wooden tipples) was the majority of the product coke?  Was it
shipped in boxcars or hoppers?

Thanks in advance.

Tom Lewis
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