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All three photos are of train 4, eastbound Pocohontas.  425 and 441 are two 
of numerous photos made of train 4 during World War II when trains carried 
extraordinary passenger loads.  That explains the extra heavyweight coaches 
up front.  The headend mail and express would have moved in a seperate 
section of train 4.  I don't know if first number 4 was the mail and express 
section or the all passenger section.  The only lightweight cars in the 
train would have been class Pm coaches.  The balance of the train was 
heavyweight diner and Pullman sleepers.  Ken Miller's  "N&W Passenger 
Service 1946-1971" has an excellent photo of The Pocahontas with this 
consist pages 30-31.

Photo 427 is a later 1940's-1950's photo of train 4.  Number 4 was always 
heavier with mail and express cars than westbound number 3.

If you look at the "inside" of the curve in photo 425, it sure looks like 
double track roadbed.

--Rick Morrison

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> Gordon:
> Photo 027 is eastbound No. 4 at Elliston
> Photo 0441 is eastbound No. 4, just east of Singer, Va
> I have to go look up the other, I don't remember exactly, but I recall it 
> is just east of Roanoke.
> Ken Miller

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