Locos at Clare OH early 1900s

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The reason that N&W used boiler top check valves was for safety.  If a
locomotive was involved in a wreck, there was a tendency to shear off the
side boiler check and having it on top reduced that risk.

Bud Jeffries

    I had never thought of the safety aspect before. That is a good
secondary reason. I wonder how many derailments ever had the side mount
check valve broken from the boiler and if anything catastrophic happened
because of it? It is curious as to why some RR's used the top mount check
valve, others stayed with the side mount valves and some [NYC] used one of
each on the same loco.
    Below is from the I.C.S. book on Injectors by J.W. Harding. A copy
should be in the Archive Library.

Jimmy Lisle

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