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Where did you find it for $12.98?
Jim Cochran

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> Well, I finally got the time to watch my new DVD from Green Frog on the
> N&W. It's called *The Golden Twilight Of Postwar Steam, Part 5, Steam on
> the Norfolk & Western Railway*. It's 55 minutes long and was filmed by
> Frank W. Schlegel in 1959-60 on 8mm film. The transfer to DVD is okay, not
> the best I've seen but any movies of N&W steam are more than welcome to me.
> It started a little odd to me with C&O trains in Charlottesville and
> Virginia Blue Ridge steam but even that was worth it.
> Overall, it's a very good film with a lot of action, most of which is
> around Roanoke and Blue Ridge, naturally. Many Ys switching in Roanoke with
> plenty of S class 0-8-0s running around too. Just a little A class footage
> which may disappoint some but considering the years it was filmed very
> expected. Some good Y action on mine runs is nice. Even a little bit of
> Virginian and some Southern diesels in Roanoke too.
> There are even some items for the nitpickers to complain about like a Y
> being called a 2-6-6-4, an S-1 being labeled as a W class and a couple
> other minor things like wrong numbers being called out for engines so
> there's something for everyone here.
> I enjoyed seeing several shots of new Redbird passenger GP-9s in break in
> service. Having ridden quite a few of them when new they hold a special
> place in my love for the N&W.
> I was surprised seeing a CF cabin car being spray painted outside. I would
> have expected the N&W had a paint shop for that sort of thing. Several
> shots of shiny CF cabins and a C-3 going down the hump too.
> I heard some new terms which I can't verify as correct or not such as "SX
> yard" and "pull up man".
> Anyway, for $12.98 I really can't find anything significant to complain
> about with this latest N&W movie from Green Frog. I'm very glad to have it
> in my video library. I highly recommend it to all N&W fans and fans of
> large steam.
> Roger Huber
> Deer Creek Locomotive Works
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