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Yes, RPC had his finger in a lot of pots. As you noted, the bio-directory of RR officials is for 1906. In mid 1907 he joined a startup railroad as the superintendent of motive power and designed some heavy haul locomotives. That system became the Virginian. Soon after the final testing and grand opening of that line he joined Baldwin Locomotive Works as superintendent of the new Eddystone shops. Much like setting up the Roanoke shops he got to do a lot from scratch. Then in 1915 he was sent to London to take over Baldwin's office there and handled the sales to all the allied countries and Africa during WW I and acted as private consultant to the British Army, for which he was to be Knighted but being a U.S. citizen the American Embassy put a kibosh on that. In 1925 he returned to the U.S. and was the assistant superintendent of the greatly expanded Eddystone shops. He retired sometime before the census of 1930 which lists "none" under occupation. He died 11 Jul 1942.

As for releasing what I have written so far, I have to check with my sisters and cousins. The material I have is part of the R.P.C. Sanderson Estate and we share in the ownership. We have released a few photos but they have been for genealogy work. His book is really very short, both in length and details and almost totally void of dates. I am trying to flesh it out. It has been fascinating research. I never knew I would someday learn so much about the early railroad industry. It has made history come alive for me.

Thanks for the interest. I'll let you know if we release anything to the public. I personally feel we have some materials that need to be preserved somewhere beyond our grubby little hands, from which future generations could benefit.


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