12 pole bridges

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The Ohio Extension was built from both ends and from the middle in both directions. There were also multiple surveys going in both directions. There were 19 bridges in first 40 miles running from Ceredo east and they were numbered 1 to 19, with the bridge across Buffalo Creek being No. 1 and No. 19 being at Donithan Branch. This numbering system appears to have been used up to Bridge No. 59 over Millers Creek on the first Residency, Second Division. Except bridge numbers were not applied to trestles, stringer bridges and arch bridges, nor were they applied to all bridges.


I haven’t found anything yet on the numbering system used as the Ohio Extension was built west from Northfork. There are no bridge numbers on some of the original survey drawings from Northfork west.


Alex Schust 


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Was able to complete the first half (Lenore to Dunlow) of my 12 pole bridges outing this week and thought I'd share some photos.  Also have some questions.  Of the remaining bridges that appear to have been built by the railroad, it looks like there are to major types:  open-lattice truss (built mostly from angle), and plate girder.  I would hazard the guess that the open-lattice type was what was originally built when the line was put through in the 1890s and then wash-outs and other problems caused some of them to be rebuilt/replaced with solid plate construction.  Any bridge historians out there that can comment on this?  Also, does anybody know of a list of bridges and/or bridge numbers on the original Ohio Extension.  For my own record keeping on this trip, I numbered the ones that I shot simply by miles from Lenore, but would like to relate them to N&W numbers.

Jim Cochran


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