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Might have a long lost relative that was employed by N&W ?  Ron Hash 

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  <!--#yiv1967459681 P {margin-top:0;margin-bottom:0;}-->Have an 11x17 photo in an old internal mail envelope from the N&W. The envelope has three names - all in the GOB - on it, and the photo doesn't have a number on the back like I'm accustomed to seeing. It also still has the utility poles and an abandoned third track showing in the photo, so it's unaltered. 
The gentlemen whose names are on the envelope are:Mr. Grumley - Mgr. Public AffairsMr. Striplin - Dir. Corp. CommunicationsMr. Hash - Public Relations 
The photo shows the 610 with at least a 6-car consist. All new "Arrow" streamliners. The sixth one is cut off so the tail end can't be seen, but I'm assuming there was an observation/lounge car behind the sixth car.
I'm guessing this photo was rejected for use in promotional materials, so I wonder if anyone might know anything about it. The only legible car number is the 502 behind the tender, but it's interesting just because it hasn't been altered.
Don't have a scanner here large enough to include the image, or I would... .
Vince Albert

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