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The late Pete Stiff worked in Transportation and made weekly
trips to the Midwest to police the handling of N&W's empty
hoppers.  He was headed west in a Pullman on No. 3 the
night it derailed at Cedar, WV.  In another incident, he was
returning to Roanoke on No. 4 one Saturday morning.  The
train stopped in accordance with signal indication just east
of Elliston.  An eastbound backed out of the Hole for a
2nd try and collided with No. 4's engine.  Against guidance
from the porter, he picked up his luggage, detrained, and
went to U.S. 11 to thumb a ride.  He was taken directly
to his residence and was home before No. 4 arrived Roanoke.
                                                      Harry Bundy  
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