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Thanks for your note.  So if you were Northbound from control point A to
control point B.  The dispatcher would "clear" a Southbound route from B to
A and the facing intermediates would "tumble down" against you?  I suppose
that the Southbound intermediates would show clear except for the ones
guarding the block you were in and the  one in advance (showing stop and
proceed, and approach respectively)?  So as your caboose left a block, I am
assuming that the signal would change to approach and then to clear when
you left the next block, is that right?
Thanks again for the help,
Jim Cochran

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> On 11/16/2016 8:41 AM, NW Mailing List wrote:
> Jim -
>> Since the signals at control points (ends of controlled sidings, power
>> crossovers in double track, etc.) would be at “stop and stay”, the signals
>> in advance would be “approach”. The ones in advance of those would be at
>> :”clear”.
> When the dispatchers wanted to hold you up, they would code the the
> direction of traffic against us, then talk us by the Stop signal. The train
> would proceed at restricted speed and as the caboose passed each signal you
> could look behind you and watch it turn from red to the appropriate aspect.
> Jimmy Lisle
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