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This was such a problem that the railroad installed a special hand operated
> crossover un or approaching Tie Yard Hill, named Bachelor's Crossover
> (supposedly named for old Engineman Harvey Batchelor, who could never make
> it through Ball's Hole without breaking in-two.)

​Haven't heard that location in a while -- Tie Yard Hill (or Tyart Hill in
N&W-ese). It took us a while to figure out that one when we heard it on the
scanner (back in the late '70s/early '80s). It was usually in reference to
the signal that was located to the west between Singer and the Cove Hollow
road crossing, just about behind Wilson's (burned out) Restaurant.

There was something unusual about this signal (which is no more) and it may
have had to do with that dip to the east. I can't remember the details,
Grant needs to weigh in since I seem to remember he found someone in the
N&W to explain the how and why of that signal (I think part of it had
something to do with the signal being shown as a automatic on track charts
but operating as a control or vice versa).

As to Tie Yard Hill, we did get filled in on what the guys were actually
saying but I don't believe we ever got a full explanation as to why it was
called that. Any insight would be appreciated.

Bruce in Blacksburg
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