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Abram, Bruce and Gordon: Great area to study. Very hard to make a non-confusing story about the goings on. There was a post-WW1 panic to consolidate all the "newest" furnaces, ore properties, and build a centralized coking operation in Southwestern Virginia before they went under. It never got financial backing or cooperation. There were a maze of proposed railroads running through this area that never matured into real railroads. The C&O Potts Creek down to Bess and N&W Potts Valley up to Paint Bank railroad branch ROW's were aligned, surveyed (shown on maps), but never connected. The Potts Valley area mining properties are part of a multiple holding companies' maze . . . with local, New York City, Philly, and Charlestown, WV, financial interests. 

The C&O Craig Valley Branch, put together by the Craig Company, with a lot of Roanoke financial interests in the 1880's, was almost a N&W branch. Finding new chartered railroads running through the area all the time. Yesterday, it was the Richmond & Southwestern Railway Company. A few weeks ago it was the Atlantic and Northwestern Railway Company. 

Al Kresse 

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