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[For the VGN side, there has been a discussion on the N&W list about some
locations between Singer and Elliston.]

While looking in the Virginia Chronicle newspaper database ( for information about Ball's
Hole, et al, I came across this article about a new road in Roanoke County.
I know where Glenvar and Bent Mountain are, but never heard of Scaras (and
several different searches come up with zero related results). Also, where
might this road have gone and does it (or parts of it) still exist?

Bruce in Blacksburg

The Evening News, Volume 22, Number 59, 10 September 1910, pg. 1

Thoroughfare Connecting Norfolk & Western and Virginian With Bent Mountain
and Floyd County Will Cut Off Eight Mile Drive.

C. W. Francis, of the Francis Lumber company, which was awarded the
contract by the supervisors of Roanoke county, for the construction of a
road from Glenvar to Bent Mountain is in the city today and said that
already two miles of the road had been competed, leaving two more to be

This road has been contemplated for many years and when it is finished will
be of great value to the people of Floyd county. At this tlme the Floyd
people who ship apples and other products have to use Starkey or Roanoke as
shipping points. With the new road a distance of eight miles will be saved.
The road will strike the Norfolk & Western at Glenvar and the Virginian at

This road will be completed within four months. While it will not be a
macadam road, it will be the highest class dirt road possible. The people
of Floyd and that section of Roanoke county are jubilant over the prospect
of having the road in use within the near future.
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