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   I knew Lee and had the pleasure of blowing the Nichols whistle several  times.  Photograph it and made tracings and measurements it was Lee’s intent for it to go to the Smithsonian for whatever reason that did not happen. Probably was a blessing because no one would have ever seen it again. At one point his daughter offered it for sale she may have been just fishing to see what it was worth, Then the family donated it to VMT (Big Mistake) and now they don’t seem to know anything about it or where it is. I second what Ron and Will said anyone giving an origination  like VMT a bell, whistle or builders plate is a fool. This stuff resides better in private collections.


Larry Evans

Kenova WV


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I am curious as to what happened to the FT Nichols whistle after Mr. Lee Alley passed away.  

I had the privilege of blowing the whistle several times on Mr. Alley's "whizzle machine". 

I have often wondered what became of the whistle after he passed away. I was told that the whistle was donated to the Smithsonian, but do not see it listed in their online listing of exhibits. I have even seen a poorly-worded YouTube video that makes the claim that the whistle was buried with Mr. Alley. 

I am just wondering if we will ever hear it blow again. 

Thanks in advance. 

Jason Hollifield 

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