Structures at west end of St Paul?

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Bob -

I don't think there were any structures on the Clinch River Extract Company site at the west end of St. Paul during the time period you are interested in except for the plant's  smokestack that remained until around 1980 when it was demolished as part of St. Paul's redevelopment at that time. Not meaning to plug  a book I co-authored, but there is a discussion of the extract company site on page 132 of the book Norfolk & Western's Clinch Valley Line by Ed Wolfe, Charles Wilson, Jr. and me. If you don't have that book you can purchase it through the Society's Commissary.

When the L&N obtained trackage rights over the N&W between Norton and St. Paul in 1973 a new rail line was constructed at the west end of St. Paul to give the L&N a direct connection to the Clinchfield and Castle yard just south of St. Paul. That is the track you see just east of the Food City store on Google maps.   A photo of that connection in 1973  with a L&N train leaving the Clinch Valley Line for the Clinchfield is on page 312 of our book and there is dense foliage in the immediate area. Another photo of that connection in 1982 is on page 315 of our book also showing dense foliage along the connection.

Hope the above helps.

Paul Mandelkern
Winter Park, FL

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Does anyone have track diagrams and photos of structures at the west end of the CC&O/N&W interchange at St Paul from around 1980?  My topo map from the 1950s shows no structures. Schust and Cooper show this interchange and siding tracks as the site of the Clinch River Extract Company from 1914 into the 1930s.  Google Maps indicates that this location is now the site of a Food City store.

I'm modeling the very west end, Track E, as a return loop (N&W to CC&O to INT at Miller Yard) and Track E1a as a passing siding needed at that corner of my layout.

Thank you.
Bob Bayles

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