N&W station master houses still standing

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Tue Jan 3 20:39:59 EST 2017

Bruce,  I believe there is a section foreman's house still standing at Paint
Bank and along the Stoney Creek Railway/N&W right of way near Interior
(across creek from road).

An single gentleman lived in the Christiansburg house until 2008 or so.
After he left the house remained vacant for several years but eventually
burned.   John Garner  Newport VA

Now, to you actual question, how many exist today? To the best of my
> knowledge, there is no definitive list of such. It may be harder to 
> recognize them today, as many have been modified with siding, or new 
> windows, etc. etc. I can say with fair authority (having not been to a 
> few of these places that recently), there is one in Salem right next 
> to the track that has the distinctive porch trim in place, but has 
> been added on to. There is one at Vicker that has been resided, there 
> is one at Dublin, Elliston and Richlands. I am certain there are more.

?For the longest time, there was a house in the yard at Christiansburg that
was a section foreman house. It was adjacent to where the Kingston Branch
heads up along Depot Street.

?It was possible to stay in a section foreman's house in Abingdon -- I
believe the former bed and breakfast was put up for sale since it no longer
shows up on any listings.

Bruce in Blacksburg

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